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Uptown Evacuation Plan

Planning for an evacuation is a serious matter. If you or a loved one works uptown, lives uptown or goes uptown for sporting or cultural events it is important to know how to evacuate during an emergency. It is also important to speak with your uptown employer, daycare provider or school about their evacuation plans so that you can develop your own plans in case of an emergency evacuation.

Follow assigned routes of travel based on ward quadrants (first, second, third, fourth). All other routes are for emergency vehicles only. Do not use your regular route of travel, unless it is suggested on the map. Normal traffic patterns and routes may be altered depending on the type of emergency.

Our evacuation plan is based on an event occurring in the very core or the square (Trade and Tryon). Considering that the emergency could take place anywhere, the pre-designated routes should be used for guidance and followed as closely as possible.

For a detailed version of the map below please click here

Map of the Uptown Evacuation Route

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